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How do I install Staytus?

Here are some instructions on how you can easily get Staytus installed and running for you.

Use the Viaduct app hosting platform

The easiest and quickest way to deploy Staytus is to use the Viaduct application hosting platform.

  1. Sign up for a Viaduct account
  2. Select Use the App Store from your dashboard
  3. Choose Staytus from the CMS category.
  4. Follow the instructions and Staytus will be deployed straight away.
  5. Once installed you can add your own custom domains and SSL, if needed using the Viaduct interface.

If you want to upgrade once you've deployed to Viaduct, you can simply hit the Deploy Now button and the latest version will be deployed for you and your data will be migrated.

Install Staytus on your own server

If you know your way around a server, you can install Staytus yourself on your own Linux server. Just follow these instructions to install Staytus.

Further information about installing Staytus can be found in the README file in the repository.

  1. Ensure your server has all the required prerequisites installed. Specifically Ruby 2.0 or higher (plus RubyGems), MySQL Server & Git.
  2. Create a database and user on your MySQL server.
  3. Clone the Staytus repostiory using Git and then checkout the stable branch which contains the most recent stable version of Staytus.
    git clone /opt/staytus
    cd /opt/staytus
    git checkout stable
  4. Install all the required Ruby dependencies.
    gem install bundler # If you don't already have it
    bundle install --deployment --without development:test
  5. Copy your database configuration file into place and add your database connection details.
    cp config/database.example.yml config/database.yml 
    nano -w config/database.yml
  6. Run the Staytus installation script which will populate the database schema and compile assets.
    bundle exec rake staytus:build staytus:install
  7. Start the Staytus application. This will run Staytus in the foreground. You can use whatever tools you wish to run this in the background.
    bundle exec foreman start
  8. When you want to upgrade, you can just pull the latest version of the code, run the upgrade script and restart the app.
    git pull origin stable
    bundle exec rake staytus:build staytus:upgrade
    bundle exec foreman start

Staytus would not be possible without the support from our partners below. Check them out.